Friday, October 9, 2009

The Almost Perfect Night

Last night, I discovered the secrets to an almost perfect night. Most nights I plant myself in front of the TV and get nothing accomplished until, hours later, I look at the clock and realize I have wasted my whole night while simultaneously melting my brain.

I left work yesterday determined to break this vicious and inevitable cycle by having a relaxing, productive, entertaining night. Without further ado, here is my recipe for an almost perfect night:

crisp, fabulous smelling, chilly, new jersey autumn weather

high school kids hopped up on cold medicine belting out a killer rendition of It's My Life/Confessions

Ice-T (need I say more?)

processed cheese and condensed soup goodness

good old fashioned, long time coming living room ORGANIZING party (with yourself)!

one wicked fire built in a sweet 1970's brick fireplace by a girls camp alum who took full advantage of fire building lessons

some quality cuddle time with your favorite critter under a nice warm quilt on your TOTALLY awesome florida show home couches

throw in a little:
sexual tension between an anthropologist and an FBI agent

a trip to another universe to discover where the half human droids are coming from and what they want

m&m's in a vintage gumball machine

a little NIENIE for good measure

and the wonderful aroma of spiced cider with a dash of winter

Mix together and enjoy your almost perfect night.

Why almost perfect you ask? The one thing that will push your night to perfect status...

a STUD like this to enjoy it with you.

what is your recipe for a perfect night?

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